Maritime Situational Awareness Capability

CHI Systems provides world-leading Maritime Situational Awareness capabilities based on a solid foundation of twenty years of pioneering development in Warship Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (WECDIS). Through our sister company, CHI Systems has provided WECDIS to twelve leading navies of the world and our technology is installed on over 400 ships. From the base of the world’s most advanced surface and sub-surface WECDIS, we have created enhanced Situational Awareness functionality in Warship Automatic Information System (W-AIS)  and Additional Military Layers (MLS) functionality which, when combined with radar and electro-optic infra-red (EO/IR) sensor data fusion, creates a Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) that provides a cost-effective maritime situational awareness solution.

These capabilities are now resident in CHI Systems and available to the US marketplace.


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