System Development and Integration Capability

CHI Systems has extensive expertise in the development of advanced software for geospatial C2, training, and other application domains. As a small business, our success depends on providing clients with effective integration and interoperability support and on employing contemporary, industry-standard software development techniques. Our system development and integration skills include:

User interface (UI) design, implementation, and usability evaluation
- Recognized leader in UI research and development
- Workflow-based and user-centered approaches
- UI design and usability evaluation services 

Design support for operations and intelligence analysis systems
- Tactical patrol planning and operations analysis
- Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) and Intel Analysis
- Cultural intelligence and human terrain expertise

Web 2.0 and Java application development
- Specializing in data analysis/visualization and GIS applications
- AJAX, pure Java Script, Web App frameworks (GWT, GRAILS, Web GIS, Tomcat)
- Java thin, fat, and client-server applications
- CRUM and other agile process orientation

Software testing, documentation, and CONUS-based training
- Independent verification and validation, regression testing, automated testing, usability evaluation
- User documentation, multi-media tutorials, and full curriculum development minimizing life-cycle costs of training, operation, staffing, and human errors. The practice also helps system development teams to guarantee that technology will be usable, useful, and understandable.
Classroom and field training support 


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