Cognitive, Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Modeling

iGEN® Cognitive Agent Toolkit

iGEN is a patented artificial intelligence engine that mimics the way human experts analyze and make decisions in a wide range of situations. iGEN uses a revolutionary psychological model of human thought and problem solving called COGNET within an engineering-oriented integrated software development environment. COGNET was developed over more than a decade of research at CHI Systems. A computationally light-weight version of iGEN  now exists for driving the behaviors of non-player (i.e., virtual) characters in simulations and games. This engine, called ASIST-AT™, is integrated into CHI’s VECTOR® training-game development toolset. 

Personality-based Architecture for Cognition (PAC) Model

The Personality-based Architecture for Cognition (PAC) tool is an engine for modeling and simulating detailed human behavior using models of personality, emotion, and culture that are based on neuroscience and personality/social psychology. PAC uses a model of cultural behavior that is based on generative narrative (i.e., story-space) structures. PAC is a flexible engine that can be used either alone or in combination with other component models to drive the behavior of non-player characters in game environments and yield a high level of cultural realism in both the individual decisions and in the flow of actions over time. PAC is a very light-weight computational tool, and is interoperable with other cognitive and behavior models via the ANZO semantic middleware.

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