Integrated Navigation and Tactical Systems and Asset Tracking for Maritime SA

The Integrated Navigation and Tactical System (INTS) solution represents a significant increase in any Patrol Craft design. It builds on a combination of our operationally proven and in-service Electronic Chart and Precise Integrated Navigation System (ECPINS) software and hardware integrated with selected radars and navigation sensors. The result is a comprehensive, cost-effective enhancement, either as a retrofit to existing platforms or a new build. ECPINS as the integral core of INTS has been developed solely for use in the naval military environment to enhance tactical effectiveness and situational awareness and to improve navigational safety. It enables military users to operate in the most challenging conditions and conduct mission-critical planning successfully.

INTS has been specifically configured to address the present day needs of the fast moving maritime scenario. It assists the command in rapidly assessing and evaluating any situation from fast interceptor craft to Offshore Patrol Vessel capable platforms, where reduced manning may be a requirement. CHI is in the unique situation of being able to offer a cost-effective, mature solution, simplified for operation by a broad user base, and based on proven and in-service systems.

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