Counter-IED Training and Analysis Projects

IED Defeat Cognitive Trainer

Improvised explosive devices (IED) present one of the greatest threats to military forces. The character of the IED threat is perpetually changing as the adversary adapts to IED counter-measures. Defeating this threat requires sophisticated IED training and analytical tools to best prepare in-theater personnel to detect and avoid IEDs.

CHI Systems, a leader in advanced training and decision support, is helping clients address IED threats through innovative training and fielded analysis tools. Through game-based training, the learner gains objective-driven proactive guidance, feedback, and after-action review. User performance is assessed according to the learning objectives, sequencing the learner through the curriculum by advancement and remediation. Proactive guidance and game complexity are adjusted to achieve proper scaffolding. CHI produces IED training games that are tailored to learners training objectives, and designed based on CHI Systems' unique and patented cognitive task analysis methods. 

With IED detection and avoidance, it is not enough to train perceptual skills. CHI has created Counter-IED Cognitive Skills Training curricula for scenario-based simulation to prepare military personnel to detect, anticipate, and avoid IEDs through four core cognitive skills:

Understanding how the physical terrain of an area of operations influences IED tactics and threats;

Understanding how human terrain in the operational area conveys IED threat information;

Building and using better situational awareness for IED potential during patrols; and

Enhancing communicating about IED risks and threats within the patrol team.


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