Maritime Situational Awareness Projects

Asset Control and Tracking (ACT)

CHI Systems and sister company Offshore System Ltd. developed Asset Control and Tracking (ACT), a small-boat, command, control, and information system that allows the Port Security Unit (PSU) Operations Center to track and analyze multi targets on the water. With the aid of an LCD monitor and joystick, RHIB (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat) crews can also see exactly where other PSU boats are located for real-time situational awareness. They can also use the system to communicate via secure instant text messages with each other and the Operations Center. ACT incorporates an Automatic Identification system (AIS), which is installed on all merchant vessels over 300 tons. It broadcasts the vessel’s name, speed, course and last port of call.

ACT solutions provide military and security operations with a tactical advantage and directly enhance the operational performance, security, and safety of critical assets, people, and equipment. The UK Royal and Canadian Navies have deployed this technology, and their feedback and input to our product development has been invaluable. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Canadian Port Security Unit used ACT to help them gain better situational awareness when operating in the Vancouver Harbor.


Electronic Chart Precise Integrated System–Warship (ECPINS-W)

Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System-Warship (ECPINS-W) Submarine (SUB) is an International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). It was first used on a US Navy Surface Effects Ship in 1994. It is designed for the harsh, time critical environment of military navigators.

CHI Systems and OSI Geospatial have successfully integrated this world-class submarine navigation software into the UK Royal Navy Astute Class Submarine Audacious to enhance situational awareness and improve navigational safety. It enables military navigators to navigate in the most challenging conditions (both dived and on the surface) and conduct mission-critical work successfully.

The results have led to a production contract from BAE Systems to integrate ECPINS-W (SUB) software into systems that will be installed initially on 4 Astute submarines and one shore-based facility. The Astute Class submarine is the largest and most powerful attack submarine ever built by the UK Royal Navy. ECPINS W (SUB) is also the fleet standard for many NATO and allied navies including Canada, Australia, and Norway.

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