Medical Training and Decision Support Projects


CHI Systems is developing HapMed for the US Army Medical Department (AMEDD) in partnership with the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command. HapMed is an innovative solution for training combat medics on proper techniques for tourniquet application. Bleeding from extremity wounds is the number one cause of preventable death on the battlefield. The HapMed training system can help combat medics save more lives through better training and includes an instrumented mannequin arm, a PDA, and a computer. HapMed is extensible to include any number of wireless mannequin body parts that can be added to train other skills. 

The HapMed PDA provides a portable and intuitive interface to specify training scenario parameters such as body size and severity of the wound. The PDA also provides performance feedback to trainees. This inexpensive interface is used by instructors and trainees.

The HapMed game-based training tool can provide exposure to battlefield cues encountered in combat tourniquet application, such as visual properties of wounds inflicted and a casualty’s verbal responses to treatment. The game-based training also provides practice in battlefield decision making so that users acquire knowledge of when and if to apply a tourniquet rather than only how.



Whether training in the use of proper techniques for battlefield medical procedures, supporting the warfighters faced with critical medical decisions in combat, or training physicians to improve their clinical communication skills, CHI Systems can help. We specialize in the application of advanced technologies to develop innovative medical training and decision-support solutions for improved work performance, mission success, and cost effectiveness.

Our innovative R&D is conducted by staff that includes learning scientists, psychologists, medical professionals and training developers. Among the state-of-the-art technologies that we employ in our medical training simulations and decision support solutions are haptics, augmented reality, intelligent agents, wireless physiological sensors, and game-based training.

CHI Systems partners with leading medical simulation organizations and US Government medical establishments such as the National Institutes of Health, the Office of Naval Research, the Institute for Simulation and Training, US Army RDECOM and the Army Medical Department.


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