System Development and Integration Projects

Debriefing Distributed Simulation-Based Exercises (DDSBE)

DDSBE was an Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored project under the Capable Manpower FNC. The purpose of the DDSBE project was to develop and demonstrate a distributed debriefing capability for multi-team exercises. CHI Systems was the prime contractor with oversight of six other subcontractors. We developed and demonstrated a distributed team debriefing capability to support multi-team performance assessment and debriefing. The team developed automated and semi-automated performance assessment and diagnosis capability, automated data collection and reduction capability, and technology for presenting distributed debriefs simultaneously to several teams. The focus was upon Navy aviation airwing exercises involving E-2C crewmembers (the CICO, ACO, and RO) and a two-ship F/A-18 sweep team (lead and wingman).  

A high fidelity flight simulator was used as part of the testbed for demonstrating the assessment, diagnosis, and debriefing capabilities. A spiral development approach supported incremental additions of the assessment, diagnosis, and debriefing capabilities over time. CHI was responsible for final integration of all software components, Human-in-the-Loop system testing, experimentation to confirm that the system is both usable and useful, and demonstration to potential transition sponsors. The DDSBE system was transitioned to the Naval Surface Warfare Center to support Human System Integration laboratory initiatives as well as the Configurable Command and Control Display System (C3DS). In the future, NAVSEA’s Total Ship Training System (TSTS), the U.S.M.C. Deployed Virtual Training Environment, and the U.S. Navy’s Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) program are potential transition environments.

Synthetic Teammates for Real-time Anywhere Training and Assessment (STRATA)

Through a novel integration of speech-interactive synthetic teammates, intelligent tutoring, and scenario-based training, Synthetic Teammates for Real-time Anywhere Training and Assessment (STRATA) overcomes conventional training limitations by providing fully deployable, effective, and engaging training that offers on-demand practice for individuals and teams with or without instructors, and with or without the team. STRATA provides team training for Close Air Support (CAS), giving STRATA users the option to assume the role of aircrew or observers (Forward Air Controllers and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers).

Creating this sophisticated training solution, which combines CHI's cognitive agent architecture with commercial simulation and speech products, required a systematic and principled software development and integration framework. Our software process follows industry-standard guidelines while at the same time incorporating spiral development techniques to accommodate the special requirements of advanced modeling, simulation, and training. We efficiently accomplish interoperability by applying our expertise using standard protocols such as DIS and HLA. Our solutions feature cognitive agents and speech interactive capability that operate seamlessly with third-party synthetic environments, databases, terrain servers, and semi-automated forces.

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