Voice-interactive Virtual Agent Tools

Advanced Speech-Interactive Synthetic Teammate – Authoring Toolkit®

Advanced Speech-Interactive Synthetic Teammate – Authoring Toolkit (ASIST-AT®) is a light-weight cognitive agent toolkit combined with a speech architecture that can be used in contexts that require human behavioral representation at a pragmatic, operational level rather than at a fundamental research level. ASIST-AT is a contemporary, light-weight variant of the widely-acclaimed iGEN®; cognitive agent framework that incorporates iGEN’s powerful conceptual foundation and is geared toward computationally-efficient, fieldable, and effective training. ASIST-AT has the ability to control multiple non-player characters (NPCs) within a simulation environment and share data constructs among those NPCs. ASIST-AT agents can carry out tactical assignments, perform dialogue interactions with human users and other NPCs, and exhibit dynamic emotions and cultural influences. ASIST-AT provides performance measurement capability that allows agents to become synthetic instructors, measuring user performance and providing both real-time and post-exercise feedback.

ASIST-AT can interact with simulation environments through numerous means, including speech recognition and voice generation. ASIST-AT can adhere to standard interoperability protocols such as DIS and HLA, and can be embedded directly into a simulator, eliminating the need for a separate application and minimizing network latency.

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